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Wheeleasy Collapsible Wheelbarrow

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To be technical, the WheelEasy is not a wheelbarrow. It is the next step in the evolution of wheelbarrows. The WheelEasy is a collapsible yard cart. This is the ideal product for yard work ranging from collecting weeds to spreading bark to moving boulders. This product really makes yard work easier! When you drop the handles to the ground, you get ground-level loading. You don't need to lift anything to get it into the WheelEasy, just rake, shovel, slide, roll or drag into the canvas barrel. The only lifting you do is lifting the handles from the ground. Due to the low center of gravity design, the WheelEasy carries most of the load, making moving heavy objects much easier. Use the WheelEasy garden cart to replant a shrub, move a boulder, scatter bark, rake leaves, haul wood, or move camping supplies from your vehicle to the campsite. Use the WheelEasy for anything but mixing concrete!