Vegetables Fruit - Organic Squash, 898

Anneliese Schools

Smaller version of the butternut squash with more flavor.

898 squash, botanically classified as Cucurbita moschata, is an improved, compact variety that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. The story of the 898 squash began many years ago over a conversation between chef Dan Barber and breeder Michael Mazourek. Barber proposed a challenge for Mazourek to create a smaller, more flavorful butternut squash, and through this unique partnership, multiple squash varieties were created with favorable characteristics. 898 squash was developed as a smaller, longer storing version of the honeynut squash, which was also one of the originally improved butternut cultivars. 898 squash is an experimental variety that can easily fit into the palm of a hand. The squash was selected for its small, individual serving-size, concentrated flavor, enriched nutritional properties, and high yields. The tiny squash also bears the name 898, which references its trial number in studies. 898 squash is organically grown through Row 7 seed company and is valued by chefs for its sweet and savory flavor.

1/2 pound 


Type: Grocery