Fungus Among Us Organic Dried Mushrooms

Fungus Among Us

Organically Grown
Champignon Seeches - Lentin
1 oz (28 g) Dried Equal to 1/2 Pound Fresh

Shiitake, is one of the most versatile mushrooms in the kitchen. Regardless of urban legends, this mushroom is not indigenous to the United States and can only be picked in a mushroom farmer's growing room. They contain protein, carbohydrates, fiber, linoleic acid, Vitamins B2, C, D and minerals. The marvelous flavor can stand up to any spicy dish, even replacing meat in spaghetti sauce. Sauté Shiitake in butter or oil and pair with meat, pasta or rice.

Fungus Among Us gourmet dried mushrooms are easily rehydrated to add intense flavor to your favorite recipes. All varieties are organic, gluten free, vegan and contain healthy macrobiotics. 


Type: Mushrooms