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Vaxbo Lin

Vaxbo Lin ASKERÖN Table Cloth, Bordeaux & Graphite

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Askerön is not just a tablecloth for parties but also for everyday use. It is woven in twill and therefore does not become glossy when mangling or ironing, but gets a friendly, slightly matte surface. Thin unbleached lines form patterns.

Offered in: Bordeaux & Graphite 

Size: 160 x 270

Vaxbo cloths demonstrate the absorbent and quick drying properties of linen. Produced in Halsingland, “Land of Linen”, at the only operating flax spinning and weaving mill in Sweden, all Vaxbo textiles are the result of centuries-old knowledge updated with the latest technology. The result is products of the highest quality that have the comforting look of tradition and craft.