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The Jacksons

The Jacksons Jute Bag Collection

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You Are My Sunshine | Dance It Out | Fiesta Siesta | All You Need Is Love | Lion | Don't Panic Its Organic | Here Comes The Sun | Easy There Tiger 

The beautiful and playful hand- crafted jute collection from The Jacksons is a joyous outcome of the design collaboration between Louise Jackson and the skilful handicraft workers of Southwest Bangladesh.

The bags and mats are made entirely from locally grown jute. Jute is a sustainable biodegradable fibre that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and
releases oxygen at a higher rate than trees. The Jacksons’products have minimal environmental impact. The vibrant colours reflect local hues from earthy reds to
electric pink and apple green. This plant based product is skillfully woven to make bags that are light, flexible and durable.

Income earned from this project has already empowered local women in this region of Bangladesh, improving access to health and education. Louise visits regularly and can see at first hand the real benefits that this employment provides.