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Stephanos Leuce, Wrap Bracelet | Necklace, Baby Pearl & Semi Precious Stone

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Very sweet & adjustable, this piece boasts dainty baby pearls with your choice of lapis lazuli, pink coral, red coral or turquoise on a stretchy elastic cord that makes it easy to wear in a variety of ways. Light and comfortable, you can wear Leuce as a wrap bracelet or around your neck in a single or double strand. This piece brings a beachy, coastal vibe for a fun and flirty look with a splash of elegance. Whether you have it on your wrist or around your neck, Summer will follow you wherever you go when you’re wearing Leuce. Each semi-precious stone has its own unique metaphysical properties. Turquoise is known for balancing chakras and instilling a sense of calm, lapis is regarded for helping with self awareness, self expression and creativity, and coral is said to attract wealth and success and help with anxiety and sleep issues. Treat yourself to one in every color for an endless variety of looks to complement your wardrobe and highlight your natural beauty. Pair the Leuce necklace/bracelet with the matching Leuce earrings for maximum impact!

Fun fact: In Greek mythology, Leuce was regarded as the most beautiful nymph. She was the daughter of Oceanus.

Offered in: Pearl Gold | Turquoise Gold | Pink Coral Gold

Made with love in Laguna Beach, CA.