Sacred Medicine Cleansing Pack

Ark Made

This is the prefect kit if you have already purchased our Sacred Medicine Smudge Kit, but just need refills on the smudge.
This Cleansing Pack does not include an abalone shell.

The Sacred Medicine Cleansing Pack includes: White Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo, and Sweetgrass. 

White Sage - wonderful for a intensive cleansing + purification.

Palo Santo - great for an everyday cleanse. A nice woodsy scent that settles nicely and is not overwhelming.

Sweetgrass- attracts positive vibes and abundace. It has been used for centuries in ceremony for protection.

Cedar- perfect to burn in the home to promote harmony and healthy relationships within the home.

Begin by igniting the end of your smudge stick and walk through the space while sending positive energy to the universe. Meanwhile, send the negative energy away. When you are through, set your sage in a ceramic or glass dish or bowl. It will fizzle out on its own.



Type: Incense