Rancho Meladuco Organic Medjool Dates, 2 lbs

Rancho Meladuco

A loose packed box of Rancho Meladuco delicious, caramely medium to large sized dates! These are the same great tasting dates, but smaller in size than the dates they include in their signature hand-packed boxes. There are approximately 35 dates per 2 lb box. Unpitted.

IMPORTANT - Storage and shelf life: To preserve the moisture and texture of our dates we recommend freezing (ideal, and keeps for up to 2 years) or refrigeration at a minimum (up to 2 months). Room temp only if cool and dry, and for not longer than a month ideally. We recommend back stock be kept frozen until needed. Dates are not necessarily perishable if stored longer in refrigeration or room temperature, but sugaring (sand like or large crystals on or under the skin)

Made in United States of America