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Pink House Alchemy

Pink House Alchemy Small Batch Simple Syrup, Vanilla Bean

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The Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup is a labor of love. They bring in barrels of raw vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar and use every piece of every bean. They split them, scrape the insides, chop the outsides, and use a double filter process to create an added richness. "[All the fuss is worth it: we’ve found that there is some kind of magic in the agitation of the skin, bean by bean. Try it we think you’ll agree!"

Ingredients: cane sugar, water, vanilla beans, vanilla extract, lactic acid.

16 oz.

Pink House Alchemy (pH) is a company dedicated to taste experiences through creating farm-to-bottle flavored simple syrups, bitters, and shrubs. Perfect for coffee, cocktails, mocktails, baking, and more. "Our products are made with all-natural ingredients without any artificial dyes, flavors, or additives. We are dedicated to working with local and/or family-owned farms to source the freshest ingredients for our products while also supporting farmers."

Developed in a one-hundred-year-old pink house, the alchemists founded this company through the love of food and flavor. Inspired by complementary patterns in roots, bark, fruits, herbs, and botanicals, pH works every day to find new and perfect connections between ingredients. Simple syrups, bitters, and shrubs are where the alchemists put these discoveries to the test. All products are made with organic, local, or responsibly sourced ingredients. For recipes and inspiration, visit us online at

Made in United States of America