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Parlettei Jewelry

Parlettei Baby Abalone Necklace

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Expect to find a multitude of shimmering colors in the Abalone necklace, a shell-inspired wearable art piece inspired by the iridescent abalone shell. Blending an array of colors, from blues and greens to purples and pinks, this elegant necklace comes in 16" or 20” options.

Sculptor and designer Casey Parlette has always appreciated the art of exploration. Perhaps one of his most illustrious adventures happened during a year of living in the Amazon when he came across a previously unknown colorful little fish that was eventually named rivulus parlettei.

Parlettei Jewelry was named after this colorful little fish. It reflects the art of discovery and the essence of nature. Each design resonates with the natural world and is enduring enough to accompany you on your next adventure.