Cheese - Fromage Blanc, .60 lb.


Fromage Blanc is a fresh cheese originating from the north of France and the south of Belgium. The name means "white cheese" in French. Spreadable soft cheese that is sweet and creamy with a touch of tangy zest. Our Fromage Blanc takes every dish that might use cream cheese to a whole new level of magnifique.

The Achadinah Cheese Company is a family operated regenerative & sustainable ranch lead by Jim and Donna Pacheco along with their four children William, Daniel, Elizabeth and David. 

"We have roughly 50 goats and 100 cows to keep us all busy. We are primarily making blended goat and cow milk cheeses. The animals (girls) are pastured on 230 acres. They are fed brewers grain and yeast from 4 local breweries, whey and just enough oat and alfalfa hay to keep their diet balanced. We do not use hormones or pesticides on the ranch and we work with the goats natural cycle, meaning we do not make straight goats milk cheese all year long because they are usually pregnant in the winter. Our cheese is very different from season to season because of what the girls are eating."



Type: Cheese