Ojai Sugar Body Lotions : Coconut, Lavender, Forest Musk & Neroli

Ojai Sugar

Ojai Sugar crafted a formula that resembles a cross between a body oil and a body butter but in a lotion. A lotion that glides on regardless if your skin is wet or dry. A lotion minus the synthetic fragrances and other ingredients that do not benefit our skin. 100% natural with organic plant materials. A lotion that will nourish and replenish.

The Ojai Sugar formula is "scratch" using only raw ingredients with added Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) a natural UV protector known to improve elasticity, reduce fine lines, and suppress melanin to help prevent age spots and hyper pigmentation. Who couldn't use a little extra UV protection?

This lotion is rich. A little goes a long way. Wait a few minutes--it will absorb adding a subtle sheen making your skin look and feel soft, vibrant and healthy. Please note-the color may vary due to the nature of the essential oils.

Offered in: Coconut, Lavender, Forest Musk & Neroli