Moulin Roty Les Bebes, Baby Girl & Baby Boy

Moulin Roty

This Moulin Roty Les Bebes are round and cozy and is easily grabbed by the hands of little ones. 

Size: 13"

Age: 0+

Cuddle them, take them for walks, dress them in their bedtime onesie and read them stories – two baby dolls, a boy and a girl, for little ones to adopt. Their soft, rounded bodies mean they fit little hands perfectly, for all their everyday activities. These two baby dolls are realistic right down to the tips of their fingers, and wear cute little cotton outfits to dress and undress! They can go anywhere in the home tucked into their carry cot, and come with everything they need for an afternoon nap or bedtime: a sleepsuit, slippers and their inseparable soft toy!

Collections: CHILDREN

Type: Toy