Beverage - Coffee, Monkey & Son, Fair Trade & Organic

Anneliese Schools Store

Offered in the following whole beans:

Krakatoa: 100% Certified fair trade organic. Just east of Java! Our heartiest blend which includes the wonderful Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Rich and smokey. A real connoisseur’s cup. Darkest roast.

Velvet Hammer: Our biggest seller! Intense in every category- three terrific coffees from two great regions make up this wonderful blend. Sharp acidity in a smokey flavored Italian Roast.

"Wakeupandream" is a blend of our newest discovery, a wonderful Papua New Guinea roasted in a Viennese profile, and then post-roast blended with 25% of our Fook, to create an incredible blend of color and flavor. Dark.

French Roast - The old standard. Blackened oily beans with a deep smokey flavor and smooth finish. Mildly acidic and smooth while sharply aromatic.

12 oz bag. 


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