Pasture Grazed Ground Turkey, Ferndale Family Farm

Anneliese Schools

This 90% lean turkey is a delicious alternative to ground beef. It makes a perfect ingredient for burgers, casseroles, and other recipes that use ground meat. Richer tasting meat results from raising turkeys on an all-natural diet with plenty of exercise and freedom to roam.

Keller Crafted Meats proudly partners with Ferndale Market to provide the highest quality, most sustainably and humanely raised meat offerings.

Since 1939 the Peterson family has worked hard to grow happy, healthy turkeys. Ferndale turkeys grow naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants, and they enjoy constant access to a diet of grains, vitamins, and minerals. They take tremendous pride in their land, turkeys and staff.

Raised without antibiotics on lush pastures sustainably raised on the 3rd Generation Ferndale Family Farm. 

Frozen. 12 oz 


Type: Grocery