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Maple Craft Foods

Maple Craft Syrup Collection

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Offered in: Bourbon Barrel Aged | Organic Salted Caramel | Organic Blueberry

Bourbon Barrel Aged: Our flagship, award-winning, family friendly Barrel-Aged Maple syrup has a rich, soft, complex character with subtle hints of smoke, fruit & oak, with buttery-smooth vanilla & caramel undertones. These make great gifts!  

Organic Salted Caramel: Truly decedent as a breakfast or dessert topping, baking ingredient or beverage sweetener. One smell will make you moan. One taste will leave you speechless! Made with pure Vermont Maple syrup (Grade A, Dark), salt and natural caramel flavor. 

Organic Blueberry: We combine just the right amount of organic fruit into premium organic Vermont Maple syrup to create this anti-oxidant rich super syrup! 

Maple syrup has an indefinite shelf life when stored properly. All Maple Craft Syrups include a three-year "Best By" date. Maple Craft is proud to partner with Tree-Plenish, helping students offset the paper used in their schools by planting trees. A new Maple Tree will be planted in your honor with ever order you place.

200 ml bottles

Made in United States of America