Mago Hot Sauce Collection

Mago Hot Sauce

MAGO emphasizes big flavor over scorching heat with their versatile, unique and one of a kind recipes. MAGO creates small batch sauces with no preservatives, and their products are all natural, locally sourced, gluten free, and vegan.

"Throughout my travels, I was influenced by different flavors and cultures from around the world, and I dreamed up Mago while living in Argentina back in 2012. Our mission is to bring you the best handcrafted hot sauce you’ve ever tasted." - Clark, Founder

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Ginger + Lemongrass - Main Flavors: Lemongrass and Ginger give this sauce a citrusy kick! Description: Southeast asian style sauce with a California twist. Serranos and jalapeños with lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and even a little mustard. 

Ghost Pepper - Main Flavors: Smoked Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) with Carrot and Bell Pepper. Description: Extra fire with just a little sweetness and a smokey hint. Our award winning Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is our hottest far at least...Pure exhilaration! (5oz)

Classic Roasted Habanero  - Main Flavors: We roast Habanero & Fresno Peppers for a delicious pepper packed flavor. Description: Our ‘Everything Sauce’. Savory, slightly smokey, with a rich pepper and garlic flavor. This hot sauce is very versatile and has been our best seller since day 1. (5oz)

Pineapple Habanero - Main Flavors: Tropical fresh pineapple, carrot, garlic, plus char-grilled onion. Description: Sweetness of pineapple...but not too sweet! This hot sauce is fruity, savory, slightly tangy, and ends with a little smokiness. So smooth, but it packs the heat! (5oz)


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