Lodestone Candles of Kent & Co. Brass Collection

Lodestone Candles of Kent & Co.

Holiday Hearth: Since Victorian times, exotic citrus fruits and ginger from the far east have been used to celebrate. They represented luxuries from far away and quickly became the standard of the season. In the Holiday Hearth candle, ginger and orange combine with cypress, pie, clove, vetiver, oak moss, fir and balsam to create a heady sure to conjure memories of holidays past as new traditions come to fore.

Festal Forest: A blend of pine needle and sweet berries with cedar wood, balsam and patchouli oils that will transform any space and shift the mood to festive.

Winter Berry & Cypress: Notes of bayberry and cypress with moss, fir, mint and eucalyptus. 

The Holiday Candle Collection all come in gorgeous double walled brass vessels. 

13 oz. 90 hour burn time.

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Type: candle