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Leaves and Flowers Botanical Infusion Loose Tea Collection

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Leaves and Flowers is a California based tea company offering a unique selection of handcrafted botanical infusions and premium small batch teas.

All Leaves and Flowers botanical infusions are produced by hand in small batches in their California workshop. Herbs are freshly procured from local farms, then sorted, dried and blended by hand. The climate controlled drying room is designed to preserve the plants at the peak of their vitality. Once the herbs have been dried, they are stripped from the stem and stored away from light and air to maintain their impeccable vibrancy. When blending, herbal ingredients are kept as whole and intact as possible.

Proudly offered in a variety of loose leaf teas including; Breathe, Caravan Chai, Digestive Seed, Golden Horse, Ikebana, Mintha, Signature Earl Gray, Sweet Rush and Zaracha. 

Breathe: Sea Palm Seaweed, Peppermint, Oregano, Elderberry, Orange Peel
Ingredients from land and sea to soothe and support your respiratory system. Sea Palm Seaweed - Moistens the mucus membranes, incredibly mineral rich. Peppermint - The menthol works as a decongestant by shrinking swollen membranes in the nasal passage and helps loosen mucus that has collected in the lungs. Oregano - A powerful antimicrobial. Elderberry - Antioxidant and immune boosting. Orange Peel - Vitamin C, gentle bitter, helps move toxins. This tea can also be used as an herbal steam, a quick and effective way to get moisture and medicine into your body. 18 servings per 2oz pouch.

Caravan Chai: Rooibos, Cinnamon, Sage, Cardamom,
Pink Peppercorn, Ginger Root. Flavor Notes - Maple, Spice, Pine. An Indian friend once gave us a recipe for her father’s special Chai blend. In addition to the more familiar spices of ginger and cardamom, the recipe included culinary sage. We always loved this chai and decided to adapt the recipe to create a non-caffeinated version with Rooibos as the base. Fall / winter is the perfect time of year for these flavors, and this special blend will quickly become a daily warming treat. 18-20 servings per 2oz package.

Digestive Seed:Fennel, Coriander, Anise, Cumin, Cardamom, Ginger. Flavor Notes - Warming, Round, Spicy. Inspired by the ethos of Ayurveda—which considers the digestive system to be the seed of all health—we created a unique blend of seeds and roots formulated to assist the body’s digestive and circulative function. As delicious as it is therapeutic, Seed Tea is the perfect blend to enjoy before or after a meal. 18-20 servings per 3oz package.

Golden Horse: Yunnan Province, China. Flavor Notes - Honey, Caramel, Creme Brulee. A soft and smooth black tea with natural lingering sweetness. Golden Horse is a single pluck, spring tea from Yunnan. Picked in combination with bud and leaf, this tea yields more flavor than single bud teas. The leaves have a beautiful coppery color and infuse into an amber-hued liquor. 18-20 servings per 2oz package.

Ikebana: Wild Bergamot, Anise Hyssop, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose. Flavor Notes : Floral, Peppery, Sweet. Named after the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana is a true summer bouquet. It is composed of our favorite California flowers, and though delicate, it has an elegant structure and body that persists with multiple steeps. A possible translation for Ikebana is “making flowers alive” or “giving life to flowers”. You’ll find that this blend does just that. 18-20 servings in 1oz Rice Paper Pouch.

Mintha: Anise Hyssop, Peppermint, Tarragon. Flavor Notes - Fresh, Sweet, Uplifting
A new blend for summer. In Greek mythology, Mintha (or Minthe) was a Naiad nymph beloved by Hades. When she claimed to be superior to Hades’ wife Persephone, the angry goddess transformed Mintha into the mint plant. Hades, trying to comfort her, gave Mintha a delightful and fragrant scent so all would appreciate her sweetness. Mintha subsequently became a sacred plant of Hades, and has come to be a associated with metamorphosed beauty. We love this blend in the morning in the place of caffeine to awaken more gently, or in the evening as a digestif. Delicious hot or iced. 18-20 servings in 1oz Rice Paper Pouch.

Signature Earl Gray: Fujian Province, China. Flavor Notes - Rich, Smooth, Citrus. To create our handcrafted version of this classic blend we infused a special black tea from Fujian Province, China with wild harvested Sicilian Bergamot. Dried Bergamot peel accents the rich dark leaves and makes this infusion ever more fragrant. 18-20 servings per 2oz package.

Sweet Rush: Lemongrass, Ginger, Rose Petal. Flavor Notes : Floral, Lemony, Warming. A reissue of one of our original infusions, Sweet Rush is a fragrant and uplifting blend that is both bright and grounding. This tea highlights a new and special lemongrass that we’ve sourced from the mountains of North Carolina. Its mellow, lemony flavor pairs beautifully with warming ginger and aromatic rose. 18-20 servings in 1.5oz Rice Paper Pouch.

Zaracha: Japanese Roasted Pea Plant . Flavor Notes - Nutty, Smoky, Sweet
Zaracha is a traditional Japanese tea made from a leguminous plant called, Kawaraketsumei. The plant is cut at the foot, dried, and roasted. All the parts are used - stem, leaves, flowers and pods. Zaracha has been consumed since the Edo period, particularly in the region of Iwami. It's consumed at all times of day from morning to evening, and often with meals. The name Zaracha comes from the informal phrase "zara-zara" which means rough in Japanese, referring to the mineral character of the tea's taste. Sweet and slightly smoky, the flavor is reminiscent of Hojicha. 16-18 servings in 1oz Rice Paper Package.