Kitpas - Block Crayons

Focus America Corp.

"Draw on the windows!" This is exactly what Kitpas allows our children to do! The award winning Crayon Collection is made of the highest quality materials, and with children's safety and happiness always in mind. Every product is good for society, the environment, and most importantly - the children! Made in Japan with the utmost care and beautifully presented in their signature packaging.

Crayons are buttery smooth, truly multi-surface, vividly colored and water soluble. Kitpas Art Crayons are also completely non-toxic and easy to clean up. They soon became both kids' and parents' favorite choice of crayons, winning Japan’s prestigious “Stationary of the Year Award” in 2009.

Today, Kitpas is Japan's leading manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly art materials. We know you will love our products - let your creativity flow with Kitpas!


Block Crayons include: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Black


Collections: CHILDREN

Type: crayons