Seagrass Glassware Collection

Kiss That Frog

Seagrass Pitcher & Tumbler Collection: Seagrass meets glassware in this collection, which is an update on an old favorite. Natural wraps on pitchers and matching glassware make festive pieces for indoor and outdoor drinking and dining.

Seagrass Cage Pitcher: Classic pitcher with pour spout and handle. Caged detailed seagrass wrapping covers all but top.

Seagrass Wide Cage Tumbler: Small tumbler glass. Removable caged detail seagrass wrapping. Sits upside down and perfectly atop the Indochine Cage Carafe (shown in photo, sold separately). 
Seagrass Cage Highball:  Removable seagrass wrapping. Perfect size for cocktails, lemonade or other refreshing beverages over ice. Pairs well with the Indochine Pitcher.



Type: glassware