Grains - Organic Whole Grain Emmer Farro, 1 lb

Bluebird Grain Farms

Bluebird Grain Farms most popular seller, Emmer is a type of farro (ancient hulled wheat) that dates back to early civilization. It is a simple grain of 28 chromosomes that pre-dates Spelt. It is prepared like brown rice and cooks in 50-60 minutes (or can be soaked overnight to reduce the cooking time). It makes a fabulous pilaf, grain salad, risotto, addition to soup, or sprouted for bread and salads. When cooked, its dark, plump berries add full-bodied flavor, chewy texture, and high nutritional value (over 16% protein) to every meal. This versatile grain is a staple food in our household. When Emmer is mixed with lentils, beans, or chickpeas it makes a complete protein. This product received the national EXPO West “NEXTY” award in 2020 for “best new organic food.”

Bulk 1 lb