Fish - Yellowtail (Kampachi) Fillets, 1 lb, Locally Caught, Frozen Fresh

Santa Monica Seafood

Pacific yellowtail is prized for its clean taste and buttery yet firm texture, delicious any way you prepare it, from sushi to poaching to the grill. Flesh color and fat content of this fish varies with diet and water temperature. Fish caught in warmer waters tend to be darker and slightly leaner than those caught in cooler waters.
Kampachi (also know as yellowtail and amberjack) has a crisp, clean bite and buttery flavor, and has been a staple in Japanese cuisine for years. Kampachi fillets are firm with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which allows for a variety of cooking methods. This fish will cook well in your favorite sauces, and holds up to cooking on the grill.
Locally caught in the Channel Islands 
Caught in San Diego
1 lb. 

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