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Anneliese Schools

Anchovies in Olive Oil

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This is probably the optimal way to buy wild anchovy fillets. The jar is 3.5 ounces and has plenty of fillets in it. It is narrow and tall so it is easy to cover left over fillets with olive or neutral vegetable oil like Mazola. If you do not do this, the fillets will darken on the top and will not be as aesthetically pleasing. There are a few meat juices on the bottom of the jar also but are usable once the jar is empty - as is the left over oil.
What these fillets are are natural free swimming ocean schooling fish that are caught and hand cleaned, filleted, and packed. They have no fancy chemical ingredients and are not raised in ponds in China (and not from China).

They offer a salty delicate flavor to whatever dish they are used in and the usual intent in not to make the dish "fishy". When I use anchovies or salty cheeses, I never add salt until the end to make sure I don't over-salt the dish. By using anchovies, I get both salt and flavor in the one ingredient.

Do NOT leave anchovies out of a dish and then decide that the dish is BLAND. When called for, even in small quantities, it is such an important ingredient to most recipes that the dish is changed with its omission. As said, in most cases, the presence of them will be unknown except to the most sophisticated of palates - maybe Bobby Flay.
One of my favorite "quick fix" dish is Pasta Puttanesca. I would never dream of leaving out the anchovies. It is as integral ingredient as the capers, olives, and pine nuts.
With respect to the leftover jar juices, use in salad dressing, pizza sauce, flat bread topping, with vegetables or potatoes, with other fish dishes, etc. Google "anchovy recipes" and you will be truly surprised at all the uses you will find - and enjoy if you open your culinary mind to new things.

Since anchovies are a wild sea product, go to a reputable supplier such as Napoleon. That brand has been gracing products since 1903 and I have used their products for decades. 

3.5 oz