Beverage - Blessed Booch

Blessed Booch

Offered in:

VITALITY (apple, ginger, turmeric, lemon, black pepper, long pepper, cordyceps)
GREEN GODDESS (spinach, parsley, spearmint, spirulina, chlorella, cucumber, nettle, dandelion, apple, lemon)
SERENITY (elderflower, lemon balm, spearmint, kava kava)
BLISS TONIC (peach, palo santo, lions mane) 

Kombucha is basically a miracle in a bottle that will enhance the quality of your life. We know this from first hand experience.

However, due to the fact that kombucha is a relatively new discovery in the Western world, there is no Western medical and scientific evidence of its health benefits. That being said, due to its growing popularity, studies are beginning to be done out here in the West... YAY! Until the results are in, we will have to rely on the scientific evidence from other countries who have a longer history with kombucha, which by Western standards is considered "hear say."

Anyway, here is how they say kombucha can benefit you.


  • may be highly detoxifying
  • may contain probiotics, promote healthy digestion & a healthy gut
  • may boost immune system
  • could potentially help protect skin
  • may give you nice natural energy
  • may enhances mood
  • may improve mental clarity

...sounds delightful, doesn’t it? We feel the same way, which is why we feel honored to share our spell-binding flavors with you. Sit back, with a bottle of booch in hand, and drink in the special qualities each of these unique infusions has to offer.


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