Pasta - Organic & Gluten Free Pastas

Anneliese Schools

Offered in: egg pasta pappardelle (8.8 oz) egg pasta tagliatelle (8.8 oz) gluten free elbows (12 oz) gluten free penne (12 oz) gluten free spaghetti (12 oz) gluten free linguine (12 oz) gluten free rigatoni (12 oz) whole wheat spaghetti (16 oz) durum seminola spaghetti (16 oz) and durum semolina penne rigate (16 oz)


bionaturæ® organic foods are made with the same traditional techniques used centuries ago. Our love and knowledge of the authentic old ways have inspired us to preserve the most coveted secrets of Italy's culinary artisans.

All of our raw materials are grown organically on small family farms in remote hillside locations. We are proud to present to you bionaturæ, the premier line of traditional, organic Italian foods.

Imported from Tuscany, Italy, bionaturæ pastas are redefining pasta in the United States and we intend to bring pasta back to its more flavorful and authentic Old World traditions.