Beverage - Selection of Wines by Vine & Fork

Anneliese Schools

The Anneliese Schools has partnered with Vine & Fork for the sale of a curated selection of wonderful wines to offer our community. To order, please click HERE. All wine will be purchased through Vine & Fork. You may pick up your wine at the Anneliese Schools Store Grocery Pop Up or have them delivered with a Grocery order of $100 or more. 

This small yet comprehensive list of wines have been selected with the intention of supporting winemakers, local and from around the world, that are earth conscious and create wines with the intention of giving back not only to the community around them, but also back to our beautiful mother earth. Taking essential steps to care for nature around us starts from the very soil beneath our feet, to the vines, and all the way into the bottle that we serve at our tables. This labor of love is one that many winemakers have embraced as part of their culture and wine style and so many of us hope to see this grow and become the rule not the exception. Cheers!

Wine Offered includes: Naveran Cava Brut Vintage/Naveran Brut Rosato Vintage/Columna Albarino/Bellen Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay/Domaine de Pellehaut Rose/The Paring Pinot Noir/Zestos Old Vine Garnacha/Chateau Argadens Rouge Bordeaux Supercore/Schroeder Family Grenache Syrah

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Type: Grocery