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Kessy Beldi Glass Bowls, Green

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Mouth-blown beldi glass by Kessy Beldi. 

A genuine Moroccan institution, the beldi glass has been the tea glass of all local families since 1949, the year of its creation.  This particular style is recognizable thanks to the raised ridge that allows for handling even when serving hot tea.  Kessy Beldi glass is mouth blown from recycled cola and beer bottles, so each piece is unique and shows signs of the handmade process in slight bubbling and organic shapes.  Each glass is fired at 1000° C (1832° F) then soaked in a cooling furnace, making for an extremely resistant end product. 

Offered in:

Large - Capacity 46oz | Diameter 6.75"| Height 3.5"

Medium - Diameter 4"| Height 3" | Capacity 17.5oz

Mini - Diameter 2.4" | Height 2.4" | Capacity 5.25 oz