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Bee Raw Honey Collection

Maine Wild Raspberry Honey-A light and floral honey, with a unique raspberry finish intertwined with the aroma of warm cocoa butter. Light yellow in color and mellow and smooth on the palate

Raw California Wild Black Sage Honey- Bee Raw's Wild Black Sage honey from Dos Palos, California, is mild with a mouth-warming hint of pepper and a smooth clean finish.

New York Basswood Honey-Hamlin, New York Basswood Honey is light in color, delicate and mild. This single-varietal honey features warm herbal notes and a clean finish.

Oregon Meadowfoam Honey-Raw Meadowfoam Honey from Oregon. Soft and sweet with notes of caramelized custard and a hint of burnt sugar.

Georgia Tupelo Honey-Tupelo: liquid gold of the southern swamplands. Renowned by honey connoisseurs, immortalized by Van Morrison, and nearly impervious to crystallization. Silky smooth and buttery with elusive notes of pear and hops.

Customer Favorites Trio- Our all-time bestselling honey varietals are now available in half-size jars. Stuff a stocking or beautify a gift box with 5.4 oz jars of Maine Wild Raspberry, Florida Orange Blossom and Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover.

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