Beans - Rancho Gordo Heirloom Ayocote Morado Beans

Rancho Gordo

This thick-skinned runner bean is pretty and very large. It's starchy but goes from dense to creamy with continued cooking.

We like to cook Ayocote Morados with garlic, onion, and our Oregano Indio; if you're patient, the texture will go from starchy to creamy with a long, slow simmer. Along with the beans, Ayocote Morados provide a deep, bouillon-flavored bean broth, making them ideal for soups.

Please note that the density of the purple color varies from season to season. Your beans may be a little darker or lighter.

Suggestions: Pot beans, soups, salads, chilis, casseroles

These items are the results of our two companies working together to help small farmers and producers continue to grow their indigenous products in Mexico, despite international trade policies that seem to discourage genetic diversity and local food traditions.

1 lb