Arnett Farms Dried Fruit, Figs, Black Mission

Arnett Farms

Rich and flavorful, velvety and plump dried figs.

Nature’s sweet, healthy snack! Delicious and nutritious, no sugar added!

Enjoy as an easy snack on the go, pack them in kids’ lunches, jazz up your salads, plump up your morning oatmeal or smoothies too! Great addition to your cheese plate! Arnett Farms dried Black Mission Figs are first naturally air-dried and then dehydrated. This seasonal snack is local and sustainable, and contains no sugar or added sulphur. Gluten free & vegan

-Shelf Life: For optimum freshness, please refrigerate. Our dried fruits can last up to a year in the fridge.

Remember, real fruit darkens. When the naturally occurring sugars in our dried fruits “crystalize” and come to the surface of the fruit, it can leave a sort of white-ish layer of tiny sugar crystals. Your fruits are still perfectly fine to eat! These crystals are a natural part of the fruit that have simply shown themselves on the outside.


Grown in California with care.


Type: Dried Fruit