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Ardent Goods

Ardent Goods Linen Comfort Collection, Eye Pillow, Body Wrap & Lovie Packs

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Eye Pillow w/ Lavender: Relax puffy eyes and relieve stress with this lavender eye pillow filled with locally sourced dried lavender flowers and flaxseeds. The natural ingredients used to make our eye pillow help with relaxation without artificial fragrances or synthetic ingredients. Each pillow is hand cut and hand sewn and comes with a linen slipcover and muslin cotton pillow insert so that the exterior can be washed and renewed. 

Body Comfort Wrap: A body comfort wrap filled with lentils, delivers weighted comfort that can also be warmed or cooled to help out with sore muscles or cramps and helps relieve stress or discomfort. A perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one. Instruction located on interior of product label band. 

Lovie Packs: Use these little packs for warm or cold comfort. Keep a set in the freezer for those bumps and bruises and a set to warm in the microwave for a quick 20-30 seconds to keep hands warm in the winder or help with ear aches or tummy aches. Set of 2 included. Handmade of 100% linen, cotton thread and flaxseed.

Ardent Goods is a small family business located in the bay area of California. "We make all of our goods by hand in small batches and ship from our facility."

Made in United States of America