AMERICANINE - A Haute Dog in New York Children's Book by Yann Kebbi


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Here, a French dog, upon his return to Paris, recounts his amazing trip to New York City to his dog pals. Sharing his visit so they can really, truly see it through his eyes, so, too, does the reader, in page after glorious page of free, vibrant, kinetically sketched images! Whether it's the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, the Guggenheim Museum, Grand Central Station, or a pug looking in a doughnut shop window, Americanine pulsates with aliveness and charm. Marked by energy and humor, and rendered from a haute dog perspective through fresh, as well as French, eyes, Americanine doesn't give us the elegant, platinum New York of Stieglitz, but rather a bold, contemporary, colorfully diverse city that feels bright, nonstop, and like no other. In these pages you will find real people in a real city, perceived with the romance of a young French artist.

Yann Kebbi was born in Paris in 1987. After receiving a degree in illustration from the Estienne School of Art, he continued his studies in Paris, where he spent his time creating prints, monotypes, and pencil sketches. Yann has done editorial illustrations as well as book covers in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Americanine: A Haute Dog in New York is his first book.

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