Alexandre Family Farm

Alexandre Family Farm Organic A2 yogurt

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Yogurt for Humans – made with only A2/A2 milk (A/1-free), double cream-top yogurt has live and active cultures and 6% butterfat for luscious flavor; from a regenerative organic 5th generation family farm.

Next to the ocean, at the top of California, the Alexandre Family Farm is home to dairy cattle, always roaming hens and hundreds of other species, including a large herd of stately Roosevelt Elk. The biodiversity of the ecosystem and the soil is tended to diligently by the Alexandre family. Founders Blake and Stephanie, together with their 5 kids and spouses, farm regeneratively - using grazing practices to sequester carbon and nourish the soil. Their cows graze and forage on lush green grass every day of the year, and as a result – produce incredibly delicious milk.

24 oz