Honey - Al Andalus Mountain Honey Crock Pot

The French Farm

A delight Spanish wildflower honey stored in a hand-made and hand-painted crock sealed with all natural beeswax.

This Mountain Honey Crock, created by Al Andalus, is filled with delightful wildflower honey. Sealed with bee's wax, this honey is all natural and is truly delectable. The perfect raw honey to drizzle into your favorite tea, or over delectable cheeses, this honey will delight even the trickiest taste buds. The crock itself makes for a great counter decoration, or a gift, as it is handmade and hand painted. Pair this honey crock with a honey spoon or a tea towel for a ready to go gift that everyone will love.

Filled with 8.8oz, this honey crock is made of clay and is truly adorable.

Drizzle this honey onto your favorite cheeses, add it to a cup of hot tea, or use it in our delicious cheesecake recipe.

Ingredients: Raw Honey

Made in Spain.