A Treasured School That Needs Your Support

The Anneliese Schools Store is a modern day general store - a place where thoughtfully curated goods and staples are at your fingertips, where every dollar spent goes directly toward school programs and education. With the force of the pandemic our school was tested financially, from both a significant drop in tuition and costly expenses needed to ensure COVID-19 safety precautions across all campuses. But we weathered the storm as the Schools Store rooted itself as a dependable place for our families and local community to buy their favorite foods, gifts, and daily necessities. As we head into the ninth month of this trying time, and with the ushering in of the holiday season, we encourage you to shop local and turn to the Anneliese Schools Store this season instead of a big box retailer. Every purchase you make through the Store creates a powerful ripple effect that touches everyone connected to this special school and community.

Benevolence - Purchase with a Purpose

We’re encouraging all of our families and our surrounding community members to become a “benefactor” by purchasing goods and gift bundles from our Store. By shifting our consciousness to source what we need from our Schools Store above other retailers, we’re all investing in the survival of the school.

How to Become a Benefactor: 100 Benevolent Bundles for 100 Days

Shop 100 curated gift bundles designed for each of our exceptional collections: Pantry, Schools Kitchen & Farm, Children, Home, Cooking, Wellness, Create, and Holiday. 100% of proceeds support school programs - it’s mindful consumerism that directly supports our recovery funding.