Redecker Hairbrush

Anneliese Schools Store

with wild boar bristles and antistatic wooden pins – set by hand

hairbrush with euroslot hangers oiled olive wood stiff, black wild boar bristle, maple pins 5 rows Size: 20.5 cm

Olive wood not only features a particularly attractive grain, it is also extremely hard due to its slow growth. The high oil content makes it non-slip, supple and water-repellent, so that olive wood is ideal for use in damp environments.

Founder Friedel Redecker earned his living as a brushmaker because he went blind as a child. His inventiveness, his sense of quality and persistence brought about a company that is selling its natural products world-wide after three generations. 

Redecker firmly believes that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.”


Type: Brush