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Tea Towel


The Arts is an essential and integral component of the Anneliese Schools’ curriculum.

Stimulating emotional, social, and intellectual growth in our students, “the Arts can spark a child’s creative thinking abilities in many ways other disciplines cannot. Art encourages us to find solutions to problems in a unique way - asking us to draw upon our inner resources - such as starting a painting with one idea in mind but having to change it as the painting begins to deviate from our preconceived notion. This dialogue between the unknown and the known challenges the child’s spectrum of thinking and stretches his or her parameters of thought.” Liesa Schimmelpfennig, Founder of LIESAS.

Our Tea Towel is the debut of a collaborative art collection designed to celebrate and honor the internationally reknown Anneliese Schools’ Art Program.

100% cotton
screen printed with eco-friendly ink

20" x 27.5"

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